Takashi's fucked up family

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Takashi's fucked up family Empty Takashi's fucked up family

Post  TakashiHakiro on Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:58 am

Takashi's family tree:

Grandpa: Ninja clan leader.

Father: Ninja clan leader, but terrible at it and horrible.

Mother: From a line of priestesses who can channel spirit guides and sometimes transform into them.

Takashi: Ends up killing father after fighting over the artifact sword.

Father ruins family bloodline by having sex with random teen - they were in love, but when he has to choose between being a ninja or her, he sends her away. He learns she is pregnant, and to protect the child, the grandfather takes away Takashi at birth from the mother who was only 16. Father's promiscuous behavior is inherited by Takashi. Mother watches Takashi grow from the shadows. Grandfather depends on Takashi to return honor to the bloodline, and cultivates him through karate training to be the next clan leader.

Random Takashi Factoid:
Even rockstars can be emo. During the Inevitable Arc, Takashi stopped bleaching his hair and dyed it back to its natural black color.

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