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Post  TakashiHakiro on Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:21 pm

I am posting from my first night in USA!! It is very big city! New York!! Yatta!!

I am having very much fun being here. I am having concert tomorrow as kick-off in America! Is in big Square Garden (they are funny naming things here) I think...Many many fans! They are having mobbing already even though I am not even playing yet!

In secret... the plan for taking secret ring is set. I am being sneaking in tomorrow!! Wait... after concert! hehehehe. Also, very sexy girl on first floor, by lobby... I have pen on my hand of room number! Yes America!!

Okay! I am siging off for now! Sayoonara!!!!!!

Aaahg... It is afternoon, or so manager says. I am thinking it is still too early to be wake up. Close the drapes!

Concert was amazing! Many many fan! They do much yelling Smile I am doing much singing! At end of concert, night was just beginning. I tell you about it.

After cheering and encore, I was slipping behind stage. I went to bus, and said "I am sleeping in hotel again!" Band watched me go. I like band. But they do not know I am ninja Wink So out I go,
and into the night.

I hopped out into the close buildings, with the rain coming down after concert! No fans in rain. My black uniform hides me, all traditional cloth ys! Ninja are sneaky. You cannot see us haha. But I am even more than that.

I am invisible. Not just sneaky ninja not seen. I am really invisible! English words... see through. I am also climbing wall better than ninja, with hands and feet, even glass. I am perfect ninja. Second in command of ninja clan, Black Ravens.

I slipped into museum. They had ring of ancient power, but of course they did not know. But it is ring that ninja and Japanese have fought over for many century. Emperor is legend to have it, and grow powerful! I am perfect and only ninja for job.

I sneak in. Oh!! I almost forget! I also sneak into building, seeming like no human can pass through places; places too small for person. But not... for black snake. So that is me! Yes, I said I was perfect ninja, nee? Ah, but best ninja is not seen, and action is not seen.

Yes, I can take out ring without being seen, because I am invisible. But, floating glass? It gives away secret! So I throw shuriken at cameras: zap, zap, all gone in few minutes. Now I am secret! But guards will come soon, they see cameras go away.

The ring was inside glass case, so I very carefully cut it open. I can see where the lasers are, and in perfect dark, just like snake senses heat. I lifted off circle of glass (no suction cup needed!) and lifted out ring. Alarm goes off!! Oh no, right? Great ninja is caught! Hah!! No, for I have another ninja secret!

I poof! Teleport is english word. I am gone, no smoke from where I was, but white poof where I appear, on top of building. I leap off, and am on my way across city, back to hotel! Then of course, after I sneak into hotel room, is sexy lady from downstairs...

And managers wonder why Ryuichi is sleepy until 2 pm.

This is Coke... or... Peppy Arena... something like that. It is big, I am excited to be playing in place! It was long to get here because of photo shoot in New York City. I am taking picture in every city; PR people say it good exposure. It was in big building! Many models there, but I did not get any numbers! Ha ha! I did not picture with them, no.

So, then bus was off to here, Albany! Woo hoo! So, concert is amazing! Many many fan, much yelling and singing ... and next item is set for me to take. New York State Museum has Japanese exhibit going on, and they have scroll. Rumor is that scroll contains the way of releasing inside of one self, the great peace and power.

I am missing shuriken... I forgot to gather up after taking out camera... the alarm going ring ring ring made me worry and go fast, too fast. I must pay more attention.

Next stop... Wachovia Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! But tonight... tonight I am sneaky in again. I am hoping security is not higher. Scroll is harder for taking, very... floppy. fragile! Hai.

I will be again sleepy tomorrow, after coming back with scroll... Wishing luck with hotel beds!

When things are going right, they are going right. When things are going wrong, they are very bad!

I am long time no posting because of second sentence. No no, super-secret ninja is not caught, hehehe. I am being safe yes. But I say one thing: Albany bad!

Pepsi Arena was filled up most way, and show took on well. No hair on fire, no bottle thrown at head like in Tokyo last month. I am not liking bottles at head. I Stoned Albany! Blond hair for America very good. It is after concert than things go funny. I am not meaning ha ha funny!

Band drummer Troy was not wanting me to go, for talking to fans or something. Troy is good drummer, bad at PR. I have tight timing for heist! Guards I checked out night before. All good ninja do recon, so I do recon too. Many camera, and nosy people with flashlights. But shift change at 2 am! I have to be there right at time to get scrolls or all goes bad. So I get away finally at 1 am. Not much time for changing and getting across city all sneaky! Good thing I do recon, I know where I can poof and make it shorter.

Poofing not always good because I make white air when I leave, so I poof on top of buildings, away from street. No raining tonight, blessing and curse. Wet clothing leaves water and other marks, foot places. Bad bad. But, rain also good for hiding. Well, no rain!

I sneaked into top of vent, snakey snakey! Slipped into corner in camera blind spot, change into me. More shuriken throwing, but this time I counted and made sure I find all! All cameras gone.

Guard change and walking takes not so long, and case of scroll is very covered in red glowing lines. Well, I see lines. Most people not see lines, but like I said, I see lines! But how to deal with lines? Space is around glass for person, but person cannot make though... more snakey time!

I slipped though as snake, and land on case. Off I go, and from bottom I take out wood as fast as I can, because guard on his way soon! No alarm for scroll; many other Japanese artifacts and scroll seems not so important. Way more security on useless armor on left, haha! Silly Americans.

I pull out scroll and know guard coming. Poof leaves white, remember? I only poof when have to go fast. All shuriken counted, and sneaky up wall. I am gone! I even take piece of wood with me... Missing scroll probably not noticed for long time.

I have scrolls and ring. I hope next place is good too. No heist in Philadelphia, just concert. Nice break. I need break. I need sleep T_T Ryuichi is tired. Wachovia is big stadium, I do extra big show.

Wait, I said things went bad, right? That is after coming back from perfect heist! Troy was still awake in hotel at 4 am with many people and other band people. I was not expecting people in room! It was connected room so not as much control Bad PR people for booking double room for "band continuity". Aargh.... But I told band I went back to room as always after concert. Where do they think I was? I don't know. But I did not have key to room, so window is only way into rooms... Why bring key with me? Maybe things go beep, or gets lost, ten is clue and that is bad!

Okay okay, so I am sticking to building outside windows, trying to think of way into room... And suddenly Ryuichi grins to himself... Ryuichi needs all band and girls in one room so he can sneak into other window. So, I take out shuriken!!! I like shuriken. Shuriken through window? Even better!! Crash!

Oh, many many people running... I was resisting laughing, because I had to sneak back to other room, now empty, and then into bathroom to change out of ninja clothes! I locked doors so they could not even go through, he he he. I change fast, and hide ninja clothes in suit case with key. Then I open bathroom door... fashionably late is Ryuichi to his own party!!!

I am so hungry now... I must go get food. The busy-ness didn't end until 5 am... I cannot sleep with loud stomach. Breakfast is being sent up, I will eat much and then sleeeeeeeep.

I had good concert in Philadelphia. Nice long break. Good concert. Next I went to Wachovia Stadium! It very very big place for concert, many many people. After, I drove down to Wilmington in Delaware. They are having big art museum, [url=http://www.delart.org/index.html">Delaware Art Museum[/url], so I go there for next heist.

I am hoping I am being careful enough. Even if I am being caught on camera, it will see nothing, so I am not worried for that. It is just ninja way to take perfect heist; anything lesser is failure, even if prize is safe.

Ryuichi's master yelled over phone at loss of shuriken. Ryuichi feels bad. He made it up better already, but failure still. A ninja should be like wind; felt for a moment, but never permanent. Un-graspable. Not contained in box. Go anywhere like draft in summer.

I should do training before concert, to be better for it, and heist! There is gym downtown. I go there; I am not thinking many people will recognize me! It is Dragon Gym Perfect, yes?

Washington DC very big city.

I am heisting from Smithsonian! Freer + Sackler Galleries. I am going after pots. You say clay pot is boring! I say clay pot is place for meditation and making of medicines that make the warrior strong.

I sneaked to museum, opening panel of glass near exhibit. I sat backwards on windowsill, and...

The black form dropped into the darkened museum. Light shimmered through the transparent body, leaving nothing for cameras to catch. His hands caught the wall, and he stopped, flipping upside down, feet pressing against the paneled wood with a soft tap. He took in the empty halls, blackened eyes narrowing beneath his mask. Twenty feet away, through the red emergency lights. The bowl he sought was so close... yet for his purposes, so far.

No matter, he thought to himself. A few quick flicks of his wrist took out the cameras, and then he got to work climbing the walls, checking for errors and retrieving his shuriken. Behind one of the disabled cameras, he found a smaller, hidden camera. He smiled slightly. They're getting smarter... I should expect nothing less from the american police I suppose.

His eyes drifted over the cameras he'd already checked as he debated whether to double check. A quiet echoing voice and sounds of movement made up his mind, and he abandoned the task. He retrieved the rest of his shuriken, and positioned himself above the ancient pot. It was a small black-glazed bowl, done through a blast-firing process called "raku" that attained the perfect black color with no flaws. The lid was lain decoratively to the side, resting against the bowl.

He flicked a still-transparent glove covered hand to his belt, pulling out the glass cutter. His eyes watched carefully, avoiding the infrared sensors as he placed the device, spinning it in a circle several times. The glass cutter had a suction cup that let him lift the piece out with a slow smooth moment. He set it to the side, released the suction cup, and put the device away.

Once inside, he made quick work of grabbing the bowl and the lid. He wrapped it in silk he'd brought along, and placed it in the sack tied tightly to his back. Finished, he looked up from his work, almost like waking back up. He listened; and heard no sounds of imminent discovery. He looked back down through the hole, and at the cut piece of glass. The ninja smiled slightly, before pulling out the glass cutter and removing the sharp end, holding it in his hand. Quickly, he scratched in a message in graceful hiragana and kanji:

The cherry blossom
makes no sound as it drifts down
I am like a ghost

Next stop: ?

If you are not being coming to concert, I share lyrics to you so you can sing with me on radio!

The cherry blossom
makes no sound as it drifts down
I am like a ghost

Caressing your heart

As these effervescent waves
of reality
come down over my black mind
I will open up
the petals of your red lips
kissing your white soul

I have no remorse
truly beautiful cherry
blossoms are falling

The warm summer breeze
makes no sound as it whispers
I am like a ghost

Yes! I am writing good song? Okay!

On second note... Item at end of list is missing. It was not me... I do not think it was someone with me... I am contacting my master later. He must know of this.

On road right now! I tell you more later! Oyasumi Nasai!!!!

Konnichiwa fans! Wait, fans should not be reading blog with both Ryuichi's name and ninja info! Oh well, no one is being reading this anyway, hahah! I have and can be showing you exactly thing I am taking this time!

I am now in Indiana... Long time on tour bus and some stops between, but major heist story is now!

Here is sculpture! Look down five from top on left, icon is a head!

Next time: How heist went, and next song!

Random Takashi Factoid:
Even rockstars can be emo. During the Inevitable Arc, Takashi stopped bleaching his hair and dyed it back to its natural black color.

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