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Post  Azreal Cross on Thu Jul 31, 2008 2:48 pm

Name: Azreal Cross
Ocupation: traveling Priest

Bio:Born in Germany in 1973 and was quickly moved to Ireland. His father was a very special man who had nothing else on his mind other then defeating
the forces of hell. At the age of 15 Azreal when on a mission with his father to investigate a small town about a nightly attack.

As the clues started to reveal more and more, Azreal's father told his son that he could not stay with him for the conclusion of the mission.
Azreal didn't understand at the time but his father was getting closer and closer to solving the attacks, and it would lead to a powerful demon of hell.
Confused and hurt that his father didn't think he could handle the mission Azreal returned to the village only to find it destroyed by the demon.

Azreal watched as his father fought to destroy the demon, but his father was wounded and was slow loosing his strength.
In an effort to help his father Azreal drew back a holy arrow and fired it into the demon's leg.
Its effects were weak due to the lack of concentration on Azreal's part and only made the demon focus on him.

Fearing for his son, Azreal's father tried to seal the demon with a holy sword.
Failing to have a focused mind and stable spirit-force due to the fear for his son,
his sword sealed the demon but the demon wasn't sealed completely and was able to slash Azreal's chest open along with
impaling Azreal's father killing him. With Azreal's blood mixing with the Demon's and the half Sealing spell weakening,
Azreal used a Holy arrow to purify his father's blade.

In a split second the spirit energy of the demon and the sealing blade followed the flow of the arrow's energy back to Azreal.
The demon, the blade, and the holy arrow all were in fused into him, creating Zweihänder,
a holy half demon with holy blades in each arm and a holy bow made from his arm blades.

The demon does not sit silently in his seal. when fighting Demons of even greater power then his own Azreal looses contol of his demon and
it wreaks havoc as Dämonblatt,a berzerking monster with 10 foot blades from both arms.

fearing his change, Azreal goes to the Vatican for help.
after 15 years studying at the Vatican and becoming a full priest,
Azreal leaves to travel around the world helping others with his powers.
leading the life his father lead, Azreal's Will and self justice drives him to punish all those who stand before good and god.
after 4 years traveling, Azreal learns of a Demon who had ordered the demon inside of him to attack the village.
even more surprising was that Azreal is told that the attack was a trap set for his father by this demon.

Now armed with this new knowledge, Azreal searches for the Demon who had his father killed.

Character sheet (have to hit the download button to the left to get it, stuiped PDF files)
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rage form
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Post  TakashiHakiro on Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:47 pm

Neat picture addition!!

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