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We need Villians Empty We need Villians

Post  Missguise on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:54 pm

This thread is for every one to post ideas for new villains for the visionaries universe, any thing from small little crooks,to super powerful beings, and even whole species like an alien race bent on destroying earth.

Here's a list of current Villains in the visionary universe
V= Visionaries YV=young Visionaries TA= Twilight Alliance

The Doctor - V
Azgarath - V
The Inevitable - V
The Counsel - V
Pestilence ( i think that was his name) - V

Akari -YV

Death- TA
The Power thief guy (sorry can't think of a good name for him yet) -TA

If I've left any baddies of the list please be sure to add them and, feel free to make up new bad guys.


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