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Post  TakashiHakiro on Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:48 pm

Name: Heather Delan
Alternate Identity: Lorelai
Group Affiliation: Twilight Alliance
Base: New York City
Power Level 10
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black, curly, long.

She was a police officer in a K9 unit. Her squad intercepted a supernatural crime scene. Somehow this encounter blinded her, killed some of her friends, and linked her to her canine pal Maki, allowing them to combine.

Now she writes supernatural crime novels based on crimes she has personally investigated. She still fights crime, but focuses on paranormal cases. She is part of the secretly formed paranormal unit of the police and has an official, legal badge. It is called the Paranormal Crime Investigation Unit, aka PCI. Her identity of Lorelai is well-known: she is not a secret hero.

Has connections with the police of course, as well as some of the psychics in town and anyone else she's worked with on a case with.

Ability Scores: (Heather, Maki, Combined)
STR: 9/15/20[+5]
DEX: 8/18/24[+7]
CON: 8/8/16[+3]
INT: 15/4/13[+2]
WIS: 18/4/15[+3]
CHA: 10/8/10[+0]

Toughness: 2/4/6
Fortitude: 2/4/6
Reflex: 2/7/10
Will: 7/0/5

Defense: 9/14/17
Initiative: 2/7/10

Attacks (combined form)
Attack: 6
Ranged: 6
Melee: 10

Attack Focus, Attractive, Elusive target, Ritualist, Skill specialty, Stunning attack.

Gestalt: Combine with Maki, Rank 8
> Infravision
> Strike (Mighty) Rank 8

Gun, Radio, Maki, Handcuffs, Leather jacket + boots, Sunglasses.

Drawbacks: Blind in human form.

Acrobatics [12]
Bluff [16]
Knowledge Arcane [11]
Language [10] (Spanish)
Notice [7]
Sense Motive [10]

Random Takashi Factoid:
Even rockstars can be emo. During the Inevitable Arc, Takashi stopped bleaching his hair and dyed it back to its natural black color.

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